Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 20 years in the skip hire business, we get a lot of questions from new and repeat customers regarding our skips and the hiring process. To make life easier for our clients, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them here.

If you have a query about our skip hire services, chances are good that it has been asked before. Take the time to read through this page and see if we have already come up with an answer.

What items can I put in my skip?

Skips are primarily used for the removal and disposal of non-hazardous waste. This includes such things as green waste from your garden, building debris and rubble, general household waste, furniture, clothing, and more. This covers most domestic clearance projects and construction jobs.

What items CAN’T I put in my skip?

The only things we cant take are:

What Size Skip Can I Hire?

Skips come in all shapes and sizes. Here at AJ Skip Hire, we supply three basic types of skips:

What is the right skip for me?

It depends on the size and nature of your clearance project. If you’re emptying out a garage or a single room in your home, a mini skip should be sufficient. If you’re ripping out a kitchen or bathroom, a midi skip is likely to be more useful. If you’re doing a major house renovation, extension, or other construction project, you might want to invest in a builders skip.

If you’re not sure which skip is the right size for your project, give the team a call today. Our experienced staff will be able to advise you on the perfect skip for the job.

Where can I put my skip?

If you’re keeping it on private property, a skip can be placed anywhere, be it a driveway, a garden, or a building site. So long as our drivers have access to it, we will place it wherever you want. If you do not have room on your property, the skip will need to be placed on public land (typically the road in front of your house).

How full can I load my skip?

By law, your skip must be safe to transport when we come to collect it, which means you must not overfill your skip. This means any waste you wish to dispose of must not come above the sides of the skip.

What will happen to my waste?

We are licensed waste carriers, and we ensure that all your unwanted items are sorted, separated, and treated at a local facility. Any items that can be recycled will be processed accordingly to ensure that as little waste as possible ends up at a landfill site.

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We hope this answers any questions you might have about our extensive range of skip hire services. If you have any other queries that you need answered, contact AJ Skip Hire today.